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donate your wall

Do you have a great wall in Allentown that you’d like to donate for a mural project?

Please tell us about it and help us define your neighborhood!

Each great project deserves a great wall. Allentown's neighborhoods are flowing with them. We will consider location, condition, project, artist, and community to match up opportunites. If your wall is a good candidate for a mural, we’ll be in touch for additional information. Thank you for your support!

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Mural Application Guidelines & Assessment

Applications for a mural are reviewed twice annually: in early January and in early July, as funding permits.  Applications that are not approved will be retained for consideration at a future date.  An application must be made through this site to be considered for a mural through this initiative.

If approved for funding, the mural for the wall will be selected through a process involving the owner and the Allentown Arts Commission. The mural will belong to the building and be the responsibility of the owner to maintain as a work of art. 

 A review of applications will be based on several criteria, including:

  1. The condition of the wall.Is the wall in good condition, without flaking, cracking or open joints?

  2. The visibility of the wall.Is it highly visible from the street? Can it be seen easily by pedestrians and drivers?

  3. The importance of a new work of art in the neighborhood.Is this a neighborhood with a lot of art already, or will this be among the first in this neighborhood?

  4. The willingness of the owner to offer support to the mural in some way, such as providing a match in funding (or financial contribution), providing outdoor lighting for the art, taking care of preparing the wall, etc.

  5. Compelling narrative.Is there some other reason that a mural at this location is especially compelling?

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